Merlin Stone Remembered

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Discover Merlin Stone, author of When God Was A Woman, through the eyes of her life partner of 34 years, Lenny Schneir.  Merlin Stone Remembered is a tribute to his love for Merlin, his passion to keep her legacy alive and his journey converting from chauvinist to feminist. 

Learn more about the extraordinary life and profound contributions of Merlin Stone, the renowned feminist, author, artist, historian, and speaker. With unparalleled access to Merlin’s unpublished writings, photos, and personal stories, Merlin Stone Remembered is a significant contribution to women’s studies, spirituality, and the ongoing struggle for gender equality. 

Known for her groundbreaking book When God Was a Woman, Merlin Stone was a pioneer of the Women’s Movement and the reclaiming of the Great Goddess tradition of the Western world. In this phenomenal book, new light is shed upon Merlin’s philosophy and methodology as you take a memorable journey through her life.

This is their touching true story—part love story, part memoir, and part transformation of a diamond-in-the-rough gambler.  Published by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, soft back, 331 pages with 12-page color insert.

A Note From Lenny

I'm Lenny Schneir, Merlin Stone's life partner for 34 years.  To honor Merlin's memory and keep her legacy alive I have assembled, with the help of co-authors David B. Axelrod and Carol Thomas, this important book about Merlin's life.  It includes many unknown facts about Merlin as well as some previously unpublished writings and a re-printing of "Unraveling the Myth of Adam and Eve" from When God Was a Woman.

Nonfiction Florida Book Award

2015 COVR Award for Best Autobiography/Biography

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"It is so great to remember Merlin—to remember the time when I first read When God was a Woman and Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood. It is great to have so much detail about her life and her work. Thank you for this remembrance."

- Olympia Dukakis, Oscar-winning actress and author.

“Delve more deeply into the mind, methodology and Goddess studies of Merlin Stone. MERLIN STONE REMEMBERED is a source of never-before published writings and scholarship by and about a pioneer of the Women’s Movement.”