“In the beginning, people prayed to the Creatress of Life, the Mistress of Heaven.  At the very dawn of religion, God was a woman.  Do you remember?” —Merlin Stone, When God Was a Woman.

When Merlin Stone’s first book, The Paradise Papers, was released in England in 1976 it became an instant sensation.  When it was re-released in America under the title, When God Was a Woman, it exploded onto college campuses and elsewhere for its groundbreaking research regarding the role of women in ancient religions. 

Merlin always felt guided by a force outside her control to correct historical information about female deities as she was convinced that the role of women, particularly Goddesses, had been all but erased from history.

We hope that Merlin Stone Remembered will, once again, bring this important information to the public’s attention, at a time when it’s especially needed by those of us who are concerned about world peace, preserving the earth, and understanding the world’s cultures.

Merlin said that early Gods were actually Goddesses and she traveled the world, alone, living out of a backpack, in order to do the research necessary to prove that her instincts were correct, ancient religions were matriarchal.

Lenny Schneir never dreamed he would one day meet a woman named Merlin Stone and that she would change his life forever.  Merlin had just written When God Was a Woman when they met in Miami Beach while they were both visiting their mothers.   At the time, Lenny was a professional poker player; Merlin was an accomplished artist, sculptor, professor, writer and feminist.  They were an odd couple but something definitely clicked.  They spent 34 years together and Lenny’s life as a self-professed male chauvinist was changed forever as he eventually became a feminist and a believer, like Merlin, in the Goddess. 

This is their touching true story—part love story, part memoir, and part transformation of a diamond-in-the-rough gambler.  Published by Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing, soft back, 331 pages with 12-page color insert.  


MERLIN STONE REMEMBERED: HER LIFE AND TIMES. Llewellyn Worldwide: Minnesotta, 2014. 360 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-07387-409-11.

 Learn the secrets of one of the most powerful women, Merlin Stone, author of When God Was a Woman. In this revealing biography you can glean: How to have a better relationship. How to feel personally empowered. How to find your spiritual center. David B. Axelrod (Author, Editor), Lenny Schneir (Author), Carol Thomas (Author), Gloria Orenstein (Introduction).

We are sad to report the passing of both Lenny Schneir and Dr. Carol Thomas.

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Praise for Merlin Stone

“This book is paradigm-shifting. It should be read by all those who yearn for miracles, as well as by those who still need proof to believe that they are possible. It gives us hope for the regeneration of compassionate and nurturing relations between all forms of interconnected life on our planet, now and in the future.” —Gloria Orenstein, Prof. Emerita, Comparative Literature and Gender Studies, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

“A lovely and loving tribute to the late Merlin Stone, a foremother of Goddess feminism. … What a gift to those of us familiar with Stone’s work, as well as those who want to know more about her life, both personal and professional.” —Judith Laura, author of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century: From Kabbalah to Quantum Physics.

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Table of Contents

Preface, by Carol Thomas
Editor’s Note, by David B. Axelrod      
Introduction: Transforming His/story into Her/story. Merlin Stone’s Dramatic Entrance onto the Stage of Our Story, by Gloria F. Orenstein
Merlin Stone Timeline
My Life With Merlin Stone, by Lenny Schneir
Poems, by Lenny Schneir          
Merlin in Her Own Words
Ancient Mirrors of Womanhood: A Reflection on the Poetic Genius of Merlin Stone, by David B. Axelrod
Unpublished Writings, by Merlin Stone:
      The Inner Voice: Intuition
      The Global Garden         
      Women in Armed Combat
      Two Poems
      One Summer on the Way to Utopia or  Dreams of Getting There: Excerpts from a Novel
      Three Thousand Years of Racism: Recurring Patterns in Racism
The Importance of Merlin Stone, by Lenny Schneir
Merlin Stone, Artist and Sculptor, by David B. Axelrod         
I Remember Merlin, by Cynthia Stone Davis          
A Gallery of Photos and Artifacts                 
A Great Sense of Hope      
The Legacy of Merlin Stone, by Carol Thomas
Epilogue, by Carol Thomas
Bibliography & Works Cited         
About the Authors

Other Books by Merlin Stone

“Lenny Schneir’s tribute to Merlin Stone—her life, her person, her work—touched me to the core. The book is both humble and powerful, proclaiming as it does his unconditional (and undying) love for a creative, independent woman, who expressed her own mind and lived out her destiny. A fine archival gathering of photos, as well as his stories and poems, plus her unpublished writings, the book is a peek into the mysterious, private world of this iconic feminist woman who changed history.” —Vicki Noble, Feminist shamanic healer and author of The Double Goddess: Women Sharing Power